Bark To Basics, L.L.C.

Dog Obedience Training


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I offer the following


Individual attention through private in-home training sessions (save your fuel, I travel to your home). I believe it's important to train in your dogs familiar territory. We work together in effort to train positive behaviors and curtail and/or eliminate negative behaviors.

Obedience Training


This option is for puppies and/or adult dogs who have not  had any prior obedience training. It is a six (6) week program. We meet one (1) time per week for one (1) hour. I cover basic obedience, leadership exercises, and teach you how to promote and instill positive habits with your dog.



Problem Solving


This option is ideal for a dog whose had prior obedience training but has a problem behavior that needs curtailing and/or eliminating. It is a four (4) week program. We meet one (1) time per week for one (1) hour. We focus primarly on the problem behavior that needs attention.




Watch Me
Take It/Leave It
Leash Walking


Proper socialization
Learn to lead confidently
Teach your dog self control
Learn when to give praise
Learn when not to give praise
Learn effective communication

Problem Behavior

Nipping and/or mouthing
Excessive barking
Inappropriate chewing
Leash pulling