Bark To Basics, L.L.C.

Dog Obedience Training


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About the Trainer

My name is Courtney Stauffer and I love dogs! A few years back I started volunteering my time at a local shelter for their adoption events. Not only was I thankful to just be around the sweet dogs but my eyes were open to just how many adoptable dogs were available. Many of the dogs had minor behavior quirks and were all healthy for the most part. I was amazed and continue to be amazed of the multitude of canines in shelters confused, scared, waiting, and desiring to exit the shelter environment. When I was able to volunteer on a consistent basis I started thinking about ways that I can help. What could I do to possibly lessen the number of dogs going to these shelters.  I chose to become a dog trainer. I believe that if I take the time and effort to educate current dog owners on the importance of professional training that it can save a dog from going to a shelter.  As a side note "shelter" dogs that have been adopted are just as capable to receive training and excel to their full potential.  At that time I had a 9 - 5 job in the corporate world.  The desire to be around and work with the domestic dog increased daily. I thankfully came across Animal Behavior College where I obtained formal education in canine obedience training. Along with an understanding on how a dog learns, reacts, and their motives.  When it comes down to it it seems so simple (though it does take time and willingness to train your dog) dogs learn through motivation, reinforcement,  and correction. My experience has provided me the skills to effectively and compassionately train your furry family member. I take pleasure in seeing a happy dog and a happy owner. I am entering my second year of owning and operating Bark To Basics, L.L.C. and have enjoyed every minute of it and can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB!